WCM Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is this market?
A: The Westside Community Market (WCM).
Q: Isn’t this the Hill Farms Market?
A: It has been called that because we are in the State of Wisconsin Hill Farms parking lot. The official name is Westside Community Market.
Q: Is this different from the Hilldale Market?
A: Yes, this is a different market from the Hilldale Market. In 2005, some longtime former Hilldale vendors founded this new market. The WCM member-vendors pride themselves on running a quality market offering to customers easily accessible one-stop-shopping with only local products.

Q: What are the hours of this market?
A: Begins 7 a.m. and ends 1 p.m. (Some vendors linger a short time thereafter.)

Q: Do you have a web site?
A: Yes! Thanks for asking. It is loaded with information: www.westsidecommunitymarket.org

Q: How does the raffle work?
A: The raffle is FREE. Enter once per market. Here's how:

    1. Fill out little entry sheet. To sign up for e-newsletter, check off “Sign Me Up” and provide your e-mail address. Tear off sheet and put in box.
    2. Five winners drawn every week.
    3. Sheets are removed every week. Must re-enter to win.
    4. Prize is $5 gift certificate to be used at any vendor at the market – however, all of it must be used at one vendor-no change. Certificates expire November 7, 2009.
    5. The market will notify you if you win.

Q: How do I get the weekly email newsletter?
A: The newsletter is called the “Weekly Update” and it is FREE! You will need an email address. Simply fill out a raffle sheet here (little paper pads): fill in your name and e-mail address and check off “sign me up.” Or sign up on our web site: www.westsidecommunitymarket.org.
Q: What is the weekly newsletter?
A: Called the “Weekly Update,” it is an e-newsletter you receive in your e-mail inbox by every Thursday morning, coming from “Bill Lubing for WCM.” The Weekly Update fills readers in on the latest market news and offers tantalizing recipes. It is also published on the home page of our web site.

Q: Is there a charge for the coffee?
A: No. It is FREE to customers. We try to supply it until 11 am, but sometimes it runs out earlier. The market purchases the coffee as a service to customers (in addition to water) and to show appreciation for your patronage. WCM cannot sell coffee under the rules set down by the state, which owns the land. Please bring your own mug to reduce waste!

Q: Are there public bathrooms?
A: Our porta-potty is at the DOT building end of the market. (The DOT building should be locked.) Or nearby shopping areas and restaurants have indoor bathrooms.

Q: Is there a Wednesday WCM? Where is it?
A: Sorry, there is no WCM Wednesday market this year. (There is a farmers’ market almost every day of the week in the Madison area; consult a newspaper calendar listing or the city’s web site for details.)
Q: When is the last outdoor market here?
A: Saturday, Nov. 7 this year.

Q: Can I bring my dog?
A: Probably not. The only dogs allowed into the market’s “runway” are certified assist dogs. You can leave your dog in the car or can have someone you know hold onto the dog’s leash in the parking area.

Q: Do you have ____________ (a certain vegetable or product)?
A: Ask a vendor, or ask at the Info Tent in the center of the market.
Q: Is _______________ (a certain vendor) here?
A: Ask a vendor, or ask at the Info Tent in the center of the market.
Q: Do you have organically grown food?
A: Some of our vendors are certified organic producers and others use sustainable practices but do not undergo certification. Some organic certifications are only for certain products. Please ask the vendors themselves about their growing and rearing practices for specific products.

Q: Are WCM logo T-shirts and other goods for sale?
A: Because we are on state property, we cannot sell our logo goods here. To order, please go online to Café Press. Or go to our web site, which links to Café Press. If you do not use the web, then find a friend or family member who does. Some prices for the most popular items: Café Press Price List for WCM Logo Stuff: Sweatshirts under $30 WCM tote under $15 Long sleeve T-shirts under $25 Cap under $15 Kid’s baseball jersey under $18 Mug $11 Short sleeve T-shirts start at $9 Bib $6.50

Q: I would like to volunteer. How do I sign up?
A: Sign your name, phone number, and e-mail address on a raffle ticket and put it in the raffle box. Print VOLUNTEER in big letters. We'll get back to you.

Q: Is this area going to be redeveloped? What will happen to the market then?
A: The State of Wisconsin owns the property and has decided to redevelop it. The Dept. of Administration vowed to make the market a permanent feature of a future Planned Unit Development. The WCM has offered input and is remaining vigilant. Please see the links to Hill Farms redevelopment at our web site. A U-shaped farmers’ market area has been drawn into the plans, which are still only on paper at this point.

Read the Four-page FAQ pdf file (or right click to download)