Hill Farms Redevelopment and WCM


The Westside Community Market will have a permanent home at what is now the Hill Farms State Transportation Building site, according to state planners. Redevelopment, slated to occur over roughly the next decade and as currently presented, would present very major changes to: the city's skyline, the neighborhood, the site, and certainly the market-going experience. Proposed building and use densities for this "urban infill" would be similar to those on the city's Isthmus. The state would sell much of the land to private interests.

Here is a link to Wisconsin Dept. of Administration web site on the Hill Farms redevelopment: http://www.hillfarmsproject.wi.gov. Here is the "Open Space Goals" page on that site where you can see the "Farmers Market Concept" -- showing the proposed farmers' market location on the tuning fork-shaped boulevard: http://hillfarmsproject.wi.gov/docview.asp?docid=11130&locid=117.

Public Meetings

August 7, 2007 the Madison Common Council approved the state Dept. of Administration's proposed PUD plan outlining redevelopment at the 20-acre Hill Farms site, a part of of which now accommodates the Westside Community Market. See August 8, 2007 Wisconsin State Journal coverage. The night before, Madison's Plan Commission voted to pass it along.

Check the web site linked above and the city's meetings web site http://legistar.cityofmadison.com/calendar/#current (scroll down or search) for ongoing city public meetings in planning, urban design, and the like, during the lengthy local and state approval process.

The Madison Plan Commission held a hearing on the Hill Farms Redevelopment proposal July 23. See July 24, 2007 Wisconsin State Journal coverage.

On June 20, 2007, the city of Madison's Urban Design panel granted preliminary approval to the Planned Unit Development proposal.

The Wisconsin Dept. of Administration held three neighborhood listening sessions in early 2007 (Jan. 9, March 13, and April 30) presented by their consultants, Vandewalle & Associates. See March 14 and May 1 Capital Times coverage. Adjacent Village of Shorewood Hills also held a meeting with the consultant April 24.

Customers and Neighbors

YOU are encouraged to attend meetings, read the DOA web site, stay informed, and to let DOA staff and your elected officials know how you value Westside Community Market. The DOA web site (link above) includes designated contact information. Market officials are also following this process.