Session Schedule for 2010 WCM

Session I      April 17 - June 19

Session II     June 26 - August 28

Session III    September 4 - November 6

The Westside Community Market is a dynamic retail venue for Wisconsin farmers, nursery owners, and artisinal food producers. Depending on a vendor's operation, they may sell at our market for the whole season, for an approximately two-month "session," for a combination of sessions, or for just a short couple of weeks (if they specialize in a highly perishable, short season crop).

Above are the dates for the three main sessions of our outdoor season. Especially on these dates, check for some changing stalls - and note who is in it for the long haul! If you frequent certain vendors, ask them which sessions they are signed up for. Otherwise, you might be surprised when they disappear for the height of the season, then reappear toward late summer. The variety and evolving selection make shopping at the Westside Community Market a delight.