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More Than We Bargained For

Lor Farm is back to welcome tulip season!


More Than We Bargained For

Call it the week two curse or just spring in Wisconsin, the second weekend of the 2024 market season was quite the change from week one.

While the cold and wind replaced the sunshine, it was far from a bad day to make the trip out to market.

For one thing, we were blessed with so many spring flowers like tulips, hyacinths and more. We saw many grabbing a bouquet or two, intent on holding spring's beauty in their hearts and homes, even if the day wanted to lean back towards winter.

Elsewhere spring produce was making itself known, with fresh radishes (pictured) in at Blue Moon Community Farm, chives & micro-greens at Urban Gourmet and yummy spring onions from Perez Produce.

Market staples were another thing to cheer for on the chilly morning, especially when they heat you up like the Hot & Spicy Cheese Bread minis (pictured) from Stella's Bakery. These closer to roll-sized delights are perfect for making your next burger or tuna melt next level delicious.

Just as delicious, Alice Good Specialty Coffee saved the day for many with their freshly brewed coffee, keeping many a hand from freezing. While their hot coffee is fantastic, we do long for the hot days where their cold-brew takes the edge of the heat.

Warming our hearts, if not the air, was the return of Bonde Bee and their array of honey, bee pollen, honeycomb, hickory nuts (pictured) and more. In chatting with Andrew Bonde from Bonde Bee, we got a another warming anecdote. The cracker he uses to open up all those hickory nuts is a family heirloom he inherited from his father years ago. To think of how many thousands of nuts have been cracked over the decades and how many stories told during that time consuming task, simply wonderful.

For week three we're expecting better weather and even more great spring finds. Look for fresh greens, rhubarb, more flower and vegetable starts for the garden and plenty of other delicious offerings. It just keeps getting better from here!

See you at market!

Ben Zimmerman

Market Manager

As a reminder to everyone, dogs are prohibited within the market area, though we welcome service animals at all times.

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Vendor & Market Weekly Notices

Honey Bee Bakery & Urban Gourmet will both be absent from the market this Saturday, April 27th. They will both return the following week.



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