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Far From Over - Far From the Start

Shoua Vang brings us fresh and crispy beans We crested the seasonal hill this Saturday with the passage of the fifteenth market of the 2017 season. Halfway we sit, indulging in the glut of summer's harvest, perched atop a peak of ripeness. It's a long road down the second half the market season, filled with good food, beautiful flowers and no shortage of good times to be had. Joining us just in time for our mid-season, we welcomed back Vivian Green of Green's Pleasant Springs Orchard with tasty apples & Meteor tart cherries. We're looking forward to an ever expanding selection of apples from the Green's and our other orchard growers. Sweet corn made its first appearance this weekend

Bearing Such Fruits

Tasty veggie chips in many flavors from Nami Chips/Fizzeology Foods The tumultuous turns of the spring and early summer have left many of us guessing just when our favorite summer produce will be arriving. For the most part, the season has been a bit slow this year, with a lot of the harvest coming in a week or two behind the average. Better late than never though, and as we see more and more of the fruits of summer we can enjoy them all the same. This past week saw the arrival of the first apples of the season with Lodi & Pristine varieties coming in from Ten Eyck Orchard. The sunny market day welcomed the first eggplant, patty pan squash and even a few mulberries from Urban Gou

Rain, Sun, Shop, Repeat

A sunny view of the market from inside UW Health Digestive Health Center The weather cycles over the past few weeks have had their ups and downs. For some of our farmers, the precious rain has been pushing it, with soggy days keeping some out of fields and adding a little too much at times. We've been blessed to get the sunny and clear days for market though and even with a soggy season, the bounty is as beautiful as ever. Blueberries are in! Both JenEhr Family Farm & Flyte Family Farm have some tasty berries to be found, adding to the good crop of red raspberries we've seen this season. The first Door County sweet cherries came in this week too from Door County Fruit Market. Beyo

Early Bird Gets The Berries

Always something good to be found at Jordandal Farms! There is something special in the air when the market first "opens its doors" each week. Maybe it's the smell of the fresh herbs from Ka Vang Thao, with the aroma of fresh dill spreading out in all directions. Or it's seeing all the bouquets of flowers from Country Bloomers Greenhouse before they're sold and leave the market to bring beauty to a new home. The early hour is the time when the steam is still rising off those loaves of Stella's Bakery spicy cheese bread. It's the time when you catch the most limited offerings, like the first few available pints of blueberries of the year from Flyte Family Farm. For those frazzled by

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