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September 26, 2019

Fall is here! Pumpkin bouquets from Country Bloomer's Greenhouse

In Equal Parts

The autumnal equinox came and went this past week. The day is an equal balance of daylight and darkness, as we descend towards the coming winter. 
This is another great example of the market reflecting nature, as we see all around us a balance of summer and fall products, moving more towards the latter each week.  

The tables of fresh tomatoes at County Line Plants & Produce contrast with the crates of fresh apples at the Ten Eyck Orchard stand. Organic sweet corn from JenEhr Family Farm offers the delightful taste of summer while just a few stalls down, the crates of delicata squash from Blue Moon Community Farm inspire us to make our favorite fall dishes. 

Stella's Bakery had their first pumpkin danishes (pictured) of the season, a delicious omen of all things pumpkin to come. Even as it cools off, summer's heat is captured in fresh cayenne peppers from Yang...

September 19, 2019

Little succulent planters from Five Green Acres

Summer's Last Kiss

A beautiful September stage has been set before us here in Wisconsin this 2019, and the market is just one blushing version of this. 
Vine-ripened tomatoes stand testament to a season worth of sunshine & labor in the fields and greenhouses. And weekly, new apple varieties from Atoms to Apples & Ten Eyck Orchards move us along an ever-expanding flavor profile of summer's sendoff. 

Produce dances in the limelight of summer's golden hour, but supported heavily in cast by strong performances from the hearty loaves of Madison Sourdough, and flavorful bursts of Dreamfarm Rosebud (pictured).

Pints of blackberries from Sai's Garden sing out the cadenza of a season of flavors, whilst the opening notes of fall can be heard in the first acorn squash of the season from Don's Produce. 

The third act of our market season has just begun, with many weeks before we bow out on November...

September 12, 2019

Mmmm... Fresh apple cider from Green's Pleasant Springs Orchard

From Sweet to Spicy

Early September might truly be the most abundant time of year for farmers' markets here in Wisconsin.   
Even as we brace for the cooling of fall to come, we're overloaded with the summer's bounty.  

Sweet peppers from Black Earth Valley (pictured) are just one end of the pepper spectrum. On the other side are ghost peppers from Savory Accents, ready to test your mettle and have you begging for relief. 

The spicy flavors of roja garlic can be contrasted with tender donut peaches from Door County Fruit Markets. Of course there's a world of flavor between the ends of the spectrum to be found up and down the market aisle. 

While we say hello this Saturday to the first Honeycrisp caramel apples from County Line Plants & Produce, we've said goodbye to Flyte Family Farms, who've finished vending for the 2019 season. 

This Saturday is also the last week for our...

September 5, 2019

Summer ending blues. Sweet Flyte Family Farm blueberries.

Back to School

We've finally rounded the bend of Labor Day weekend, the unofficial end of summer. 

It's bittersweet for us market-goers, for it's somewhat of a goodbye and hello all wrapped up in one. 

We've said farewell to the fun summer camping trips, runs to the beach or nights watching fireflies as we grill in the backyard. But we're also saying hello to new teachers for the kids, future Halloween costumes and most importantly, all our fall market favorites. 

Atoms to Apples started us off a little early with some of their tasty apple cider, delicious cold or warmed up with a cinnamon stick. 

JenEhr Family Farm is bringing us enormous leeks (pictured) that look like they could hit a home run before hitting the dinner table. 

Even the first winter squash have been creeping in at Yang Family Produce, always a telltale and tasty sign of the fall to come. 

Before we become fully enwrapped in swea...

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