Shopping Safely This Season:

Before you make your trip to the market, we'd like you to know what will be different for this season and we ask for your help in keeping things safe:

We have an adjusted layout for the season, with single sided vendor aisles spread out with a gap between each vendor.

Give each other space to shop and don't crowd into vendor booths. While reusable shopping totes are not banned, if you're using your own bags, please do not ask vendors to pack them for you.

You can also help out by altering your shopping time, consider coming early in the morning (we open at 7am) or later (open until 12:30pm) to lower the crowd pressure during the peak hours. These little adjustments can really help make things operate smoothly and ensure we don't become too crowded. 

We ask you all of those unvaccinated to wear a mask and encourage others to consider masking up as well, however those who choose not to wear a mask are still welcome at the market. Even a bandana is better than nothing and can help lower the risk of transmission.

Wash your hands before you come to market, wash them when you get home and with our handwashing stations set up around the market, you can wash them while you visit too. 

Please stay home if you are sick. There's always more market weeks to come, and it's best for all that those feeling unwell skip a week or more as they recover.