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Music & Tabling at the Market



Informational & educational tabling is allowed at the Market with prior approval and placement by the Market Manager. Per our agreement with University Research Park, political groups & non-vendor businesses are not allowed


Live music and the farmers market go hand in hand. The Westside Community Market is lucky enough to have a wonderful group of musicians, otherwise known as the Market Ramblers, blessing our ears with music nearly every week. Watch the video of them playing at the Westside Community Market below.  Jam on!

Interested in playing music at the market?

Those interested in playing music at the market must get prior approval and placement by the Market Manager. The selling of merchandise is strictly prohibited, however busking is allowed.

Groups or individuals interested in playing at the market are encouraged to consider the following: obscenity and vulgarity are discouraged (we’re a family market y’all), the overall volume of music should not impede any vendors ability to sell their products (that’s why we’re here!), music groups should not impede the traffic of market shoppers, and there is no power on site (acoustic only).

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