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Cooking Up a Storm

Such lovely bouquets from Shoua Vang


Cooking Up a Storm

The middle of July can be a challenging time for market lovers, but in the best way possible. It marks the time of year where there is simply too much wonderful food rolling in to take advantage of it all in one week. Fresh blueberries scream out to not only be eaten like candy, but also cooked up into a jam, pie or tasty syrup. Which one to choose?

The arrival of summer squash, like these pictured from Emerald Meadows Family Farm, and zucchini fill our heads with zoodle (zucchini-noodle) dishes, fresh zucchini fritters or grilled summer squash. Hot peppers are just beginning, offering us the option to spice up a stir-fry or take a crack at making our own hot sauce. It's enough to make our heads spin in a kaleidoscope of garden flavors and colors. Urban Gourmet is making it easy for you this week by offering Pesto Boxes for pre-order (by 9am Thursday). Blend them together with some walnuts or pine nuts, parmesan cheese or nutritional yeast, a dash of salt, lemon juice and olive oil and you're in peak flavor heaven. For a new twist, blend in a can of white beans for a delicious white sauce for pizzas. All that effort in the kitchen can be exhausting. But we can reward ourselves with a little snack of fresh Dreamfarm goat cheese atop a slice of Honey Bee Bakery semolina bread. Sometimes it's even easier to let others work those summer flavors into something we can easily enjoy, like delicious White Chocolate Raspberry scones or Gluten-Free Vegan Banana Blueberry scones from Chris & Lori's Bakehouse. Whatever flavor adventures you plan on embarking on this next week, we're happy you can start that journey with us at the market. The possibilities only open up further from here... sweet corn, apples, melons and more are just on the horizon. Remember to stay safe before you delve into your shopping mission by wearing a mask to market and sending just one person per household, along with following our other guidelines (listed below). See you at market! Ben Zimmerman Market Manager P.S. Check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more updates on the market as the season kicks off!


Double Dollars are Back!

The Double Dollars program has returned, starting Saturday, July 4th. FoodShare shoppers can get up to $25 matched each market. Swing by the Information Tent with your FoodShare card and our market staff can assist you. This season the Double Dollars are in the form of green plastic tokens. If you still have a few white paper Double Dollars, you can still spend those with our vendors. For the 2020 season, the Double Dollars program is hoping to run through August, depending on funding. After the Double Dollars program ends, the market will still accept FoodShare Dollars.


Master Gardeners Helpline

We wanted to pass along a great resource from our friends the Master Gardeners. While they can't come out to table at the market this season, UW Dane County Extension is maintaining its Horticulture Helpline with Master Gardener volunteers daily 5 days a week, 9am-12 noon. You can reach them by answering machine (608-224-3721) or by emailing your questions and your photographs to


Shopping Safely This Season

Before you make your first trip to market, we'd like you to know what will be different for this season and we ask for your help in keeping things safe. We have an adjusted layout for this season, with single sided vendor aisles spread out with a gap between each vendor. Much like the grocery store, we're asking that foot traffic move in one direction through each market aisle, indicated by our yellow sandwich board signs. We ask you to please follow these directions and be patient as we all adapt to this different flow. As you shop the stalls, please mind the six foot spacing lines in front of vendors' tents. Give each other space to shop and don't crowd into vendor booths. While reusable shopping totes are not banned, if you're using your own bags, please do not ask vendors to pack them for you. Planning your market trip may be the easiest way to get what you need, while keeping the market safe. Many of our vendors will be offering pre-orders that you may place during the week for a quick pick up at their stall on Saturday morning. Below we'll detail what options for pre-order are available this weekend and we'll update that weekly as more vendors add that option. For what you can't pre-order, consider making a shopping list by vendor before you get to the market. Having a plan of action will speed things up and help you get what you need as quickly as possible. We know that these methods won't work for everyone, but those of you who can adapt will be helping everyone with your efficiency. We're also asking everyone to send just one person per household to the market, which will aid us in lowering the crowd count each week. You can also help out by altering your shopping time, consider coming early in the morning (we open at 7am) or later (open until 12:30pm) to lower the crowd pressure during the peak hours. These little adjustments can really help make things operate smoothly and ensure we don't become too crowded. We encourage you all to wear a mask too. Even a bandana is better than nothing and can help lower the risk of transmission. Wash your hands before you come to market, wash them when you get home and with our four handwashing stations set up around the market, you can wash them while you visit too.


Vendor Updates & Pre-Order Options

Our amazing vendors are providing options for your shopping these season. Find all the latest pre-order options and weekly market offering here. Check back each week for notices about pre-ordering, vendor absences and other special vendor notices. Blue Moon Community Farm's preorder program for seedlings has wrapped up for the season, however the remaining selection of their organic vegetable and herb seedlings will be available at their market stand. Bryant Family Farms will be offering FRESH never frozen French Label Rouge birds this weekend at market, including whole birds, legs, thighs, wings and bone-in breasts. Chris & Lori's Bakehouse is offering the following for this weekend: * Flower and Cow Cutout Cookies * Chocolate Chip Sconuts * Coconut Dark Chocolate Scones * Rhubarb Oat Scones * Cinnamon Oat Scones * Banana Chocolate Scones * Whole Grain Dark Chocolate Chunk Scones * Whole Grain Blueberry Oat Scones * Whole Grain Raspberry Scones * GF Vegan Banana Blueberry Scones * GF Vegan Rhubarb Scones

All scones are $18/ Half Doz one flavor Or $30/ Doz one flavor

Email your order at Orders due by noon on Thursday. Don's Produce will be offering bundles of their Arena grown, pesticide free, heirloom cherry tomatoes and cucumbers. They'll also be offering 5lb bags of their sweet potatoes. Door County Fruit Markets will not be joining the market for the 2020 season, but you can find their fresh Door County fruit at the Willy Street Co-op Grocery Stores. Dreamfarm is offering pre-orders for market pick-up by calling (608) 767-3442 or emailing Driftless Chocolates is offering pre-orders for market pick-up on their website. Flyte Family Farm is offering pre-orders by calling (715) 228-2304 Forgotten Valley Cheese will be absent from the market this Saturday, July 18th. Fungi Farmers (formerly know as Herb n Oyster) are offering pre-orders through their website. Highland Spring Farm is offering pre-orders for market pick-up on their website. Honey Bee Bakery will be offering pre-orders for market pick-up on their website. JenEhr Family Farm will be offering a great array of their farm fresh organic products, from fresh broccoli, salads greens and head lettuce to great pasture raised chicken for the grill. Madison Sourdough will be offering pre-orders this weekend. Get your order in by Wednesday evening on their website. McCluskey Brothers Shillelagh Glen Farms is offering pre-ordering on their website. Natalie's Garden & Greenhouse will be offering a weekly veggie box, available at the market, off the farm or for delivery. Each $25 box is packed with their great fresh produce. This weeks selection includes: Broccoli, Rainbow Swiss Chard, Green Beans, Sweet Candy Onions, Red Leaf Lettuce, Curly Kale, Sweet Corn, Golden Zucchini, and Zucchini.. Check out their website for more information and to place your order. Open Kettle Farms is offering pre-orders of their maple syrup. Contact them on their Facebook page to order. ParKelm Farm is offering pre-orders for market pick-up on their website. Urban Gourmet is offering "Pesto Boxes" this week, which include #1 of organically grown fresh basil and a fresh garlic plant. Place your order by 9am Thursday for pick up at this Saturday's market. Send them a message on their Facebook Page to place your order.


The first fresh shishito peppers of the season from Savory Accents


Connect with our Vendors!

This list of alternative means to get our vendors' products will grow as new offerings roll in. Please check back regularly and feel free to email Market Manager Ben if you're looking to connect with any vendor not listed. Vendor Purchasing Alternatives (PDF)


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