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Cozy & Comfortable

Beef sticks & beef jerky from Murphy Farms Cozy & Comfortable We're grateful to have gotten another beautiful market day in before this bout of cold and rainy weather came our way. We sure needed the rain and for now we can enjoy our market finds indoors as we look forward to sunny days to come. The market was brimming with goodies this last weekend, including fresh fruit, like grapes from Urban Gourmet (pictured) or thumb-sized blackberries from Sai's Garden. Apples, watermelon, ground cherries and more were to be found as we shopped this weekend, though on one of these rainy days we'd lean towards a warm cup of Green's Pleasant Springs Orchard apple cider. Another great find this weekend w

Rain, Rewards & Returns

Dragon tongue beans from Happy Valley Farm Rain, Rewards & Returns Safe to say we were all a little tired of the rain by market time last Saturday. Thankfully we got a few rain-free hours to shop in and the rain has finely moved off, giving us some much needed sunshine. Rain or no, it was well worth the trip down to market, as the blend of summer and fall offerings reaches a peak. Boxes of vine-ripened tomatoes, piles of green beans and bunches of fresh basil invite you to take on a weekend project of making slow-simmered tomato sauce, crisp dilly beans or fresh pesto. Why not all three? On the easier side of market enjoyment, Flyte Family Farms are offering tasty mini snack peppers (picture

Wagon Train

A lovely table load of tomatoes from Blue Moon Community Farm Wagon Train We had a perfect day for the last market of August this past weekend, with sunshine a light breeze and finally a day that wasn't so hot. The relief from the heat was much appreciated as we saw many folks out there taking multiple loads back to their cars. Our favorite sight was the kids' pull behind wagon full of tomatoes, children walking behind. It may not be the Oregon Trail, but those wagonloads are sure full of future promise. They'll become the flavorful jars of homemade tomato sauce that will keep you going through the winter ahead. For the wagon-less, it was a workout week for the arms, as shopping totes

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