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A Pair of Aces

Red cabbage beauties from Natalie's Garden & Greenhouse A Pair of Aces They say a light frost can make the carrots sweeter. Is there a saying to accompany several inches of snow? We sure could use some uplifting line about now. Brushing, or shoveling, aside the crazy weather this week, we're still very pumped to have two more markets to share with everyone before we call it a season. Two weeks is enough time to load up on the fresh produce, like big daikon radishes from Sai's Garden (pictured). It's enough time to buy a crate of the enormous beets from Happy Valley Farm or so much squash from County Line Plants & Produce that you'll be able to skip that next workout. While we still hav

A Trip to Market - All Treats, No Tricks

Yang Family Produce has some great fall raspberries A Trip to Market - All Treats, No Tricks What a beautiful fall market morning we enjoyed last Saturday! The brisk morning warmed around us as we grabbed our favorites from our end of season vendors. Munching on Murphy Farms cheese curds and scones from Chris & Lori's Bakehouse, we got to savor the day before us. The countdown to the end of the market season seems to make each morning more precious. With three markets to go, there's still time for you to load up on your go-to's, like Ten Eyck Orchard apples, or try something new, like duck eggs from Bryant Family Farm. Bonde Bee has a great deal this season for trick-or-treaters, wit

New Twists on Old Favorites

Fall greens, like mizuna and frilly mustard, from JenEhr Family Farm News Twists on Old Favorites It's easy this time of year to over-indulge in our seasonal favorites. From pumpkin spice lattes to squash soup, even our old standbys can get old fast. Thankfully the market is still bursting with options for you to switch things up as the season winds down. Perhaps change means trying a new apple variety from Green's Pleasant Springs Orchard or Atoms to Apples. Maybe it means trying one of Dreamfarm's incredible seasonal flavors of goat cheese. Sometimes the change is as simple as switching from butternut to Kuri squash from Emerald Meadows Family Farm for that squash soup. Change is a gr

The Fall Kitchen

Cranberries are back! Always good to see Wetherby Cranberry Company The Fall Kitchen Perhaps the best aspect of the fall season is the affect it can have on our kitchen, filling it with colors and smells one can only associate with the shortening days and falling leaves. Ten Eyck Orchard apples baking with cinnamon and nutmeg. The perfect accent to Sunday morning French toast made from Pecatonica Valley Farm eggs and Madison Sourdough Company miche (pictured). Smother the whole thing in a layer of Open Kettle Farms maple syrup and you're fueled for the day. In the evenings the smell of roasted potatoes is an extra layer in itself against the cooling nights. Sausage from ParKelm Farm seari

Cold on the Outside, Warm on the Inside

Green's Pleasant Springs Orchard has all your favorite apple varieties Cold on the Outside, Warm on the Inside A dip in temperatures, color popping up in the trees around us and Halloween decorations going up; it must be fall here in Wisconsin. A breakout of sweaters is in order as we ready ourselves for the last six markets of the 2019 season. The cool mornings put us in the mood for a cup of Atoms to Apples cider, mulled with spices over the stove. A squash bakes in the oven from Emerald Meadows Family Farm, as we watch the leaves fall outside. While we'll miss the warmer days of summer, we've got plenty to enjoy. The warming dishes of autumn make up for the cooling temps. This week,

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