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Amber & Gold in August

Bring some market beauty home with sunflowers from Natalie's Garden & Greenhouse


Amber & Gold in August

The riches of your farmers' market plunder may not be enough to buy that private island in the tropics or rocket you to fame, but they'll keep you happier than anything that could. Market amber is Bonde Bee honey (pictured), where comb-in isn't a reference to a high end beauty product.

Gold is the yolk of a Pecatonica Valley Farm egg or the first organic sweet corn arriving from JenEhr Family Farm this coming weekend. Our treasure chests are the ground cherries and tomatillos from Shoua Vang& Flyte Family Farms, their riches wrapped up waiting to be cracked open. Bringing home some serious green from the market is to be raking in the kale, lettuces and fresh herbs from Emerald Meadows Family Farm. And the old adage of diamonds are a girl's best friend is out the door as fresh Wisconsin cheese curds from Murphy Farms will open more hearts than anything else. Our riches go behind our market harvest too, with the pleasures of good people and fun times to be had each week. This Saturday we're looking forward to tunes of our favorite young musicians, the Starr Grass Band, kicking off the day. Then next Saturday, it's the 7th annual Zucchini Car Races, with a fun & free event day in store where kids build their own zucchini speeders to run down our custom Zucchini Speedway. Then, as we round the bend into Session III, we welcome back the Science is Fun crew on September 7th. We may not be millionaires, but the wealth of the market is nurturing, delicious, fun and will never raise your taxes! See you at market! Ben Zimmerman Market Manager


Nominate Us for Best of Madison 2020!

It's that time of year again to nominate your favorites for Madison Magazine's Best of Madison. The nomination window runs thru August 31st and you can nominate your favorites here:

A huge thank you to everyone who nominated and then voted for us last year. We won gold for Best Farmers' Market (other than Dane County Farmers' Market). Let's do it two years in a row!


Simple & spicy Pickled Jalapeños from Savory Accents


Vendor Notices:

NessAlla Kombucha will be absent from the market Saturday, August 24th. Truli Julie Biscotti & Kopke's Greenhouse have finished vending for the 2019 season.

Daily Vendors: Saturday, August 24th

Atoms to Apples Open Kettle Farms Wisco Pop!


Please note not all vendors present every week. Please check newsletter for anticipated absences.


Recipe Corner

We're sending out two great recipes to keep some of the summer flavor alive this week. One sweet and one spicy, we hope you try them both. Enjoy!

Honeyed Peaches

(Adapted from Hip Girl's Home) Ingredients: - 2 lbs peaches - 1/3 cup honey - 2 cups water - 2 Tbs lemon juice Directions: 1. Prepare your peaches by bringing a medium saucepan of water to a boil. Drop peaches whole into boiling water and let them sit for as long as it takes for the water to return to a boil (~1-2 minutes). Drop peaches into an ice bath while you prepare your syrup. 2. Place 1/3 cup honey, 2 cups water and 2 Tbs lemon juice in a medium saucepan and bring to simmer over med-low heat. Remove pan from heat. 3. Peel, pit and halve peaches dropping them directly into syrup saucepan as you go. Only peel as many as you can fit in the saucepan of syrup in a single layer. 4. Once all the peaches are in the syrup, simmer for 5 minutes. Skim foam if necessary. Pour syrup over all the jars as your final step. If you run out of syrup this recipe is fine to add water to top off the jars if need be. 6. If you'd like to waterbath can, multiply syrup recipe by amount of peaches you have. Leave 1/2-inch headspace and process quart jars for 25 minutes, pints for 20 minutes. Otherwise, loosely cap jar, let sit on the counter to cool for an hour and then place in fridge where it will keep for about 3 months.

Fresh Tomatillo Salsa

(From Garlic & Zest) Ingredients: -1/2 pound fresh tomatillos husked and quartered - 1 large clove garlic - 1/3 cup cilantro - 1 jalapeño, seeds and membranes removed, roughly chopped - 1 tablespoon lime juice - 1/4-1/2 teaspoon kosher salt salt according to your tastes Directions: 1. Combine all ingredients in a mini-prep food chopper and pulse until a chunky salsa is formed. Taste for seasonings and adjust accordingly. Recipe may be doubled.


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