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Moving On

Autumn flowers from Lor Farm Moving On There's a lot to look forward to in these final six weeks of the market season. Week to week there are new varieties of apples to try from Atoms to Apples, pumpkin muffins from Chris & Lori's Bakehouse to savor and plenty of fresh fall raspberries from Shoua Vang to snack on. The fall season also brings us some great forage finds, like the Hen of the Woods mushrooms available from Happy Valley Farm & Black Earth Valley. These frilly, feathery beauties are a real treat, and worth a try to any newcomer. Check out this week's Recipe Corner for a grilled take on these wild mushrooms, also known as maitakes. As the market mornings get cooler, the skeins

Seasonal Shift

Crunchy Cress Spring Bakery Granola Seasonal Shift In the brief passing of a week, the world is starting to show its fall colors just in time for the autumnal equinox this Saturday. The first changing leaves are popping out in colors as bold as the pumpkin bouquets from Country Bloomer's Greenhouse. The change is in the air too, with the hot days starting to be balanced out by cool nights that beg for a cup of hot apple cider from Green's Pleasant Springs Orchard. Until the first frost comes our way, we're lucky enough to enjoy the summer harvest with tomatoes, peppers, and summer greens still in abundance at the market. That leaves you plenty of time to eat up a fresh cucumber sandw

Perfection In A Saturday Morning

The final Science is Fun visit of 2018 was a big success Perfection in a Saturday Morning It's hard to put into words just how wonderful market was this past Saturday. To have music gracing your ears as you stroll up the aisle, taking in the sights of fresh produce, loaves of bread and flowers in colorful arrays, is simply the best way to spend a morning. We had Master Gardeners on one side giving out their horticultural know how and the Science is Fun crew on the other side, engaging young minds as the sun shines upon everyone. That perfect blend of tasty food, beautiful sights and a connected community make the effort of market worth it for everyone in attendance. Of course the rewar

Wringing Out

Good looking bouquets from Lor Farm Wringing Out We don't want to jinx it, but it seems like the rainy days are over. At least for now... A huge thank you to everyone who came out to the market this past weekend, umbrellas and all. Seeing all you wonderful people out at market really makes the difference for vendors who are out there all day in the rain. At least the rain makes the produce look all shiny and fresh, like these tasty grapes from Black Earth Valley (pictured). From piles of eggplants from Ka Vang Thao to those tasty Flyte Family Farm blueberries, the "rain effect" gives everything that little extra glisten. All that aside, we couldn't be happier to see uninterrupted sunshi

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