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Sweet Sweating Summer

Fresh red & golden beets from Sai's Garden Sweet Sweating Summer Last Saturday marked the 10th week of our 30 week season of the farmers' market. We'll be having a lot to look forward to as we enter the summer session, but our final market of the spring was one for the books. From piles of strawberries & peas to the mountain of broccoli from JenEhr Family Farm (pictured), we got a good taste of all the fresh produce that is coming our way over the next few months. Of course the good market finds aren't all from growing fields. Stella's Bakerytreated us to some of their delicious Olive Rosemary Ciabatta loaves, a perfect way to jazz up those summer sammies. Dreamfarm offered their amazing Que

Just in Time for Solstice

Sun Mouse Mini Hostas from County Line Plants & Produce Just in Time for Solstice This is one of those rare years where we didn't see strawberries until the third week of June. Like much else this year, the cold wet spring slowed the berries down. But one bite into that first red beauty last Saturday was enough to make us forget the sluggish spring and fully embrace the summer on our doorstep. It was a week of firsts last Saturday, with the first strawberries in at several vendors, like Shoua Vang (pictured). We also saw the first sugar snap peas of the season at a few stalls like Sai's Garden. We've included a couple of fun sugar snap pea recipes in the Recipe Corner below this week. Be

Taste Before Beauty / Beauty Before Taste

Cherry tomatoes from Don's Produce Taste Before Beauty / Beauty Before Taste It's a special time of year when the dinner plate starts to effortlessly look like the offering of a five-star restaurant. The vibrancy and color of the fresh farmers' market produce lends its beauty to every dish, from the simplest salad to the four course meal carefully crafted. It's the splash of color from Ka Vang Thao's purple asparagus next to a bed of beautifully grown Blue Moon Community Farm greens. It's the causal toss of flower-on chives from Emerald Meadows Family Farm (pictured) as the last addition to a quick stir-fry. Even before we begin our meals we see that natural beauty delighting our kitc

Better by the Week

Lots of kale options from Shoua Vang Better by the Week The transition to the heat and humidity of the oncoming summer isn't exactly the best part of this time of year. We start running our A/Cs, carrying that extra water and look for the shady spots for rest. Yet the market is one place where that transition is full of rewards. The produce is starting to roll in with new finds coming weekly, like fresh herbs from Urban Gourmet or tasty greens from JenEhr Family Farm. We also know it means our favorites are closer to arriving. The wet spring has delayed strawberries this year, but we're expecting to see them here in June. In the meantime, you can indulge in the tasty strawberry pie fillin

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