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A Happy & Sunny Return

It's thyme for market... French Thyme plants from Kopke's Greenhouse. A Happy & Sunny Return Any nice weather day at the market is a lucky one, but a sunny and beautiful day to kick off the season is something to be extra grateful for. That's just what we had in store for the 2019 return of the Westside Community Market. Judging by the turnout, we weren't the only ones happy to get out and enjoy a sunny market morning. Seeing folks with bags of Murphy Farms cheese curds & scones from Chris & Lori's Bakehouse is the proof that we catch up with more than just each other when the market returns. The tasty finds we miss all winter long are finally here again, and it's time to splurge and t

Welcome to the 2019 Season

Counting Fingers & Toes The rhythm of market season becomes so natural to us after awhile that it's easy to forget how long we've been at it. This Saturday we kickoff our 15th(!) season at the Westside Community Market, and we want to take a moment to say thank you to all who have got us this far. To all our wonderful shoppers, hosts, volunteers, tablers, musicians and to our stellar lineup of farmers & food artisans, thank you all so much for making us great! We're so lucky to have support on every level and we're excited to continue offering a weekly market experience we can all look forward to. There's an amazing lineup of vendors coming your way this season, with a broad selecti

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