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Until Next Time...

What's a fall market without fresh apples like these beauties from Ten Eyck Orchard? Until Next Time... Alas, the time has come to call it a day on the 2018 market season. Another great year filled with beauty, flavor, music & community busting out of every corner for 30 weeks of the year. We saw days of perfect sunshine, days of rain and even a couple of days of snow this season, but we weathered it all and no trip to market was in vain. We couldn't have done it without the efforts of so many that thanks are due to each and every one of you. Our loyal market shoppers make the WCM what it is, coming out in sun, rain or snow to show our farmers your support is truly humbling. We tip

Say It Ain't So

A real treat to welcome back B's Honey! Say it Ain't So! It seems impossible we've come 29 weeks into the market season, sitting on the precipice of our final market of 2018. There's no fighting it now, time to take that final jump. We'll happily welcome one final market to say our goodbyes for the winter and test the strength of our shopping bags as we load them up one last time. Time to load up on your favorite Green's Pleasant Springs Orchard apples (pictured), bottles of McCluskey Brothers Shillelagh Glen Farms maple syrup and one more pack of Farmer Johns' cheese curds. Get yourself out early if you're looking to load up on cranberries for the holidays, as Wetherby Cranberry Compan

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