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The Old Wind Down

Dahlia bouquets from Five Green Acres The Old Wind Down Market last weekend was certainly something wasn't it? If you made it out you know what we're talking about, but just in case you missed it, here are two words to help fill you in: snowing sideways. A huge thank you to our customers and our vendors who stuck it out as long as they could for the record-setting market. Hardiness is a necessity in the true mid-westerner, and last Saturday's market was a demonstration of that. Despite the rough weather, there was still plenty of Wisconsin goodness to find. From big beautiful pumpkins (pictured) at Happy Valley Farm to those tasty biscotti from Truli Julie, the market always rewards the a

Change We Can Believe In

Banana peppers from Ka Vang Thao Change We Can Believe In Us midwesterners know the value of good seasonal change. We take our summers hot, winters cold, springs sooner than later and every warm day autumn has to offer. We embrace the cold of autumn as we rake our leaves and take in the changing colors of our surroundings. It's variety to be enjoyed and it's reflected in our food choices too. Our dining tables fill with bowls of apples, sweet potatoes roast in the oven and the peels of new beets and potatoes fill our compost bins. Outside our homes we add some extra color with mums from Country Bloomer's Greenhouse (pictured) or bunches of ornamental corn, hanging lanterns, gourds and

A Few More Bites

Fresh cranberries from Wetherby Cranberry Company A Few More Bites Now that cranberries are in, we know for sure that the end of market season is near. We won't cry over our onions till it's done however, which leaves us four more weeks to enjoy and savor. That's plenty of time to try one of the dozen plus varieties of apples from Green's Pleasant Springs Orchard or take home a tasty treat from Cress Spring Bakery. In fact, many of us use these remaining weeks to stock up a little extra to tide us over for the winter ahead. It becomes a great time to get a winter's worth of maple syrup from Open Kettle Farms or all your honey needs from Bonde Bee. There's still time to do some cann

Getting Cozy

Soap from Sylvan Meadows Farm keeping you feeling fresh & clean Getting Cozy We've fully embraced fall at this point, meaning we're packing up those summer shorts and put our favorite sweaters into regular rotation. Our kitchen lineup is changing with our wardrobe, with squash soups, roasted root veggies and cups of hot apple cider joining us at the table. The fall gives us many tasty and beautiful wonders to indulge in, like the amazing cheddar biscuits (pictured) from Honey Bee Bakery or the new beef sticks from McCluskey Brothers Shillelagh Glen Farms. Another great fall staple arrives this weekend with the return of Wetherby Cranberry Company and their delicious fresh & dried cranb

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