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Woah, We're Halfway There

Zucchini & Summer Squash Galore from Urban Gourmet


Woah, We're Halfway There

Fifteen glorious weeks of the market season behind, fifteen wonderful weeks left to look forward to.

There's just something extra special about reaching the halfway point in the market season that makes you appreciate it all. The spring and early summer build to a zenith of fresh produce that carries well into the fall and reminds us of all the good left to come.

In the air, the smell of the earliest cantaloupes from Flyte Family Farm hits you before you even reach the booth. Pecks of pickling cucumbers from Bonde Bee are carried off by those with ambitions of crunchy dill pickles to come.

From big food preservation plans, to small snacks of Sai's Garden raspberries, the mid-season satisfies many a market desire.

For some, it's a fresh caprese salad with field ripened tomatoes, aromatic basil and fresh mozzarella from Dreamfarm (pictured). For others, the mid-season treat comes in the form of Sunday morning pancakes, loaded with JenEhr Family Farm blueberries and topped with rich maple syrup from Open Kettle Farms.

One element of mid-season that makes things so special is that blend of fresh produce with the other great season-long market offerings. It's the hot peppers sliced and cooked with melted cheese atop a blue corn tortilla from Tortillas Los Angeles (pictured) or the classic country breakfast of Bryant Family Farms eggs cooked up with new potatoes from Don's Produce (pictured).

Living in the moment of mid-season is great advice, but of course our minds do drift and settle on thoughts of what the coming fall will bring with its baskets of mums, bright pumpkins and bog-fresh cranberries.

Before we get that far, we can look forward to the coming week with the return of Ten Eyck Orchard with early season apples and Atoms to Apples with a special crop of plums and early apples as well.

Cheers to fifteen markets and to fifteen more!

See you at market!

Ben Zimmerman

Market Manager

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Vendor Notices:

New Vendor Layout:

Starting July 10th, the market layout will condense slightly by eliminating the third row in the upper parking lot. Those vendors who were located in the aisle closest to University Row will be relocated into the four remaining aisles. Take a look at the map & lineup below to find them in their new homes. The following vendors will be moved:

Bryant Family Farms: Stall #38 (Upper Lot West Side)

Forgotten Valley Cheese: Stall #9 (Lower Lot West Side)

Honey Bee Bakery: Stall #54 (Upper Lot West Side)

Ka Vang Thao: Stalls #60 & 61 (Upper Lot East Side)

Sai's Garden: Stalls #51 & 52 (Upper Lot East Side)

Tortillas Los Angeles: Stall #22 (Lower Lot East Side)

What Got Gathered: Stall #21 (Lower Lot East Side)


Weekly Offerings from Underground Meats


July 31 Vendor List:

Alsum Sweet Corn

Atoms to Apples

Black Earth Valley

Blue Moon Community Farm

Bonde Bee

Bryant Family Farms

Campo di Bella

Chris + Lori's Bakehouse

Country Bloomer's Greenhouse

County Line Plants-n-Produce

Don's Produce


Emerald Meadows Family Farm

Farmer Johns Cheese

Flyte Family Farm & Greenhouses

Forgotten Valley Cheese

Fungi Farmers

Happy Valley Farm

Highland Spring Farm

Honey Bee Bakery

JenEhr Family Farm

Ka Vang Thao

Landmark Creamery

Lor FarmMadison Sourdough

Mad Maiden Shrub

McCluskey Brothers Shillelagh Glen Farms

Murphy Farms

Natalie's Garden and Greenhouse

Open Kettle Farms

ParKelm Farm

Savory Accents

Shoua Lee Vang

Stella's Bakery

Steppin' Out Foods

Ten Eyck Orchard

Tortillas Los Angeles

Underground Meats

Urban Gourmet

What Got Gathered

Yang Family Produce

Absent this weekend: Sai's Garden

*Please note this is a tentative list. Last minute cancellations or additions to the vendor list are possible.



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