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Getting Cozy

Treated to last... decorative pumpkins and squash from County Line Plants & Produce


Getting Cozy

Cooler days, longer nights, grey skies and this point an extra flannel just isn't going to cover it.

The change isn't easy this time of year, but boy are we thankful we have many delights from the market to bring warmth into our kitchens and homes.

Spend those extra hours indoors making the ever classic cabbage rolls with fresh green cabbage from Natalie's Garden & Greenhouse (pictured).

The smell of cinnamon and cloves warms the soul, so whether it's homemade apple pie or mulled cider, stop by Pleasant Springs Orchard to load up.

For those working hard outdoors in these cooling days, fuel those labors with fresh cheese curds and beef sticks (pictured) from Murphy Farms.

Market season wraps up in early November, but there's still time to put up some of your favorites. Whether it's making kale chips, roasting winter squash/pumpkin seeds, or making kohlrabi sauerkraut, the market is here to make those ambitious plans come to light.

Another fall favorite, whether for home use or as a gift for the upcoming holidays, is homemade raspberry jam, made with fresh fall raspberries from Yang Family Produce (pictured).

We've got a rainy market coming our way Saturday, but that shouldn't stop us from making the most out of this last handful of market days.

This weekend is also the last chance for our FoodShare shoppers to match up to $20 of their purchases with the Double Dollars program for the 2023 season.

So grab those slickers, umbrellas and galoshes and join us. Trust us when we say, after a quick trip to market on a rainy fall day, everything at home afterwards will feel extra cozy.

See you at the market!

Ben Zimmerman

Market Manager

As a reminder to everyone, dogs are prohibited within the market area, though we welcome service animals at all times.

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Dane County Farmers' Market Cookbooks Now for Sale!

We are very happy to announce the brand new "The Dane County Farmers’ Market Cookbook: Local Foods, Global Flavors" by amazing food writer Terese Allen will now be available for purchase at the Info Tent.

The book is bursting with great stories and recipes built around the unique and vibrant farmers market scene Madison has to offer. Find new and delicious ways to utilize your market finds, while supporting the market.

Copies will be available this Saturday at the Info Tent. The books sells for $35 and can be purchased with cash, check or Venmo.

You may also preorder a copy by emailing us at:


Vendor Notices - October 14

Honey Bee Bakery, Madison Sourdough, Savory Accents, Steppin' Out Foods & Urban Gourmet will be absent from the market this Saturday, October 14th.

Daily Vendors:

Alice Good Coffee

B. Kurt Dairy

What Got Gathered

Madison Sourdough will be absent from the market Saturday, October 21st. They will return October 28th.


Fresh cranberries back in stock from Wetherby Cranberry Co.


Produce List - October 7, 2023

Vegetables/Mushrooms: Arugula Beans (Green, Wax, Dragon Tongue, Romano, Long) Beans (Shelled: Pinto) Beets (Chioggia, Golden, Red) Bitter Melon Bok Choi Broccoli Broccolini Brussels Sprouts Cabbage (Arrowhead, Green, Napa, Purple) Carrots (Orange, Purple) Cauliflower (Purple) Celeriac Celery Celosia Chard Cucumbers (Pickling, Slicers) Eggplant (Globe, Japanese, Listada, Thai) Garlic (Multiple Varieties) Jicama Kale (Curly, Purple, Toscano) Kohlrabi (Green, Purple) Leeks Lettuce (Red Leaf, Summer Crisp) Malabar Spinach Mixed Greens Morning Glory Greens Mushrooms (Cultivated: Oyster, Lion’s Mane, Shiitake; Wild: Hen of the Woods) Mustard Greens Okra Onions (Sweet Yellow, Cippolini, Red, Green, White) Pac Choi Peas (Sugar Snap) Peppers (Bells-Multiple Colors, Shishito, Sweet Italian, Lunchbox, Poblano, Jalapeno, Serrano, Thai, Anaheim, Cayenne) Potatoes (Blue, Red, Purple, Yellow, Fingerling, German, Russet) Pumpkins (Jarrahdale, Mini, Orange, Pie) Pumpkin Greens Radish (Daikon, French Breakfast, Red) Rutabaga Shallots Spinach Summer Squash (Zucchini, Yellow, Patty Pan) Sweet Corn Sweet Potatoes (Orange, Purple) Tomatillos Tomatoes (Cherry, Heirloom, Paste, Slicers) Water Spinach Winter Squash (Acorn, Buttercup, Butternut, Carnival, Delicata, Galuex D' Eysines, Hubbard, Jade Knight, Kabocha, Mooregold, White Boer Ford) Fruit: Apples (Alkmene, Ashmead Kernal, Belle de Boskoop, Cortland, Crimson Crisp, Crimson Topaz, Earliblaze, Empire Fuji, Harrelson, Honeycrisp, Ida Red, Jonamac, Jonathan, Liberty, MacIntosh, Macoun, Melrose, Nothern Spy, Pinova, Praire Spy, Spartan, Sweet 16, Swiss Gourmet, Triumph, Wine Crisip and more!) Aronia Berries Blackberries Cranberries Grapes Ground Cherries Melons (Watermelon) Pears (Asian, Bartlett, Harrow Sweet, Seckel) Raspberries (Black, Red) Strawberries (everbearing) Herbs: Basil (Purple, Thai, Genovese) Cilantro Dill Lemongrass Parsley (Curly, Flat) Thyme


North, south, east or west; it's a breeze to get to our new market location

with easy access off of both Whitney Way and Mineral Point Road.


Our many thanks to Snaggle Tooth Arts of Wayward Tattoo for the market rabbit graphic!


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