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Thank You All For a Successful 2016 Season!

Gitto's Farm n' Kitchen's colorful cauliflower and broccoli

Thankful For What We Have

A bright light. Beeswax candles from B's Honey.

The final market of the 2016 season spoke to us all reveling in the successes of another growing season at the Westside Community Market. Sunshine warmed our faces, bringing smiles to customers and vendors alike. We had a visible ease that reflected the wonderful nature of our market. We come together each week to make something almost magical happen. We set down our burdens, our stress and our differences to join together in the love of good food, natural beauty and real community. The warm fall day of our final market was a reminder of the miraculous things we have in this life. We bring together our neighbors, farmers and food artisans and exemplify what shared values and working together can accomplish. The hard work put in by our vendors is celebrated by our customers, who spend their hard earned money in appreciation for products that have real value in our daily lives. Beyond enjoying a diverse and delicious spread of products, we recognize and celebrate what market day really means for us all. We catch up with our neighbors, we talk news and life, we share stories of our families. We find common ground in the inevitabilities of life and chuckle over the good fortune we find ourselves in with a cup of free coffee in hand and a market basket full of good food. That is a tradition we can continue and something we can't wait to share again with you all in 2017 as we move to our new location at UW Health's Digestive Health Center. We hope to see you all in 2017, as we continue to be an example of what working together really means. We are our neighbors, we are our farmers, we are our food artisans, we are all the Westside Community Market. That is a hopeful thought to carry us through the winter until we can bloom again together. Before we send off a final farewell, we'd like to thank all of those who go the extra mile in making WCM such a success. From our weeklyInformation Tent volunteers, to our market gear hauling vendors, we could not do it without their help and we'd like to take a moment to say "Thank you all so much!" Market Volunteers: - Jill Schuettpelz, Information Tent - Gladys Hartwig, Information Tent - Laurel Laffrey, Information Tent - Sue Brown, Information Tent - Mary Zimmerman, Newsletter edits - Claire Warhus, Face painting, kids activities & Information Tent - Barry Orton, Vendor breaks - Everyone who posted flyers Market Haulers: Jordandal Farms JenEhr Family Farm Flyte Family Farms Blue Moon Community Farm County Line Plants & Produce The WCM Board of Directors: -Cassie Noltnerwyss, President, Crossroads Community Farm -Mary White, Vice President, Honey Bee Bakery -Molly Stentz, Secretary, WORT/ West Star Farm market employee -David Lohrentz, Treasurer, Madison Sourdough -Ronnie Hess, Board Member, Food Author See you at the market at our new location on April 15th, 2017!

Ben Zimmerman Market Manager 608-628-8879


2017 New Market Location

The Westside Community Market will officially be moving for the 2017 market season. Our many thanks to UW Health, for graciously allowing the market to use the lots behind the Digestive Health Center at 750 University Row. Located just over a half mile west from the current market site, the Digestive Health Center sits right on the corner of University Avenue and University Row. With easy access from both University Avenue and Whitney Way, the new location boosts ample parking, plenty of space for all the vendors you love, and thankfully a little protection from the wind! Check out the recent coverage of the move in the Isthmus! Please check out the Google map here: 2017 Westside Community Market @ UW Health's Digestive Health Center. We look forward to the move in 2017 and we hope you join us every Saturday, April 15th - November 4th.


Thank You for Free Coffee!

A hearty and caffeinated thank you to all who donated to the free coffee program this season. With the support of the following folks, we were able to bring more coffee to all 30 markets this season: - Kathy Peck - James & Margaret Halloran - John & Nancy Diekelmann - Sandy Jensen - Susan Skubal - M Frye

- Gerry Wettersten - John & Jean Dabel - Valerie Kimble - Bill & Mary Zimmerman - Bruce Cray - Ruth Ann Berkholtz & George Nestor - Glenn Teschendorf & Mary Anne Derheimer - Ann Hartmann - Thomas Kozlovsky - Susan & Deane Anderson - Edelweiss Creamery - Amy Johnson - David & Carissa Marshall - Carol & Jonathan Harrison - David & Mary Neuhaus - Ian & Theresa MacFarlane - Randy Campbell - M. Christina Eddington & all the anonymous donors!


WCM on Talk of the Town

We were lucky enough to sit down with Talk of the Town and chat about farmers' markets. Click the link below to watch the video on YouTube: WCM on Talk of the Town A big thanks for Wisconsin's 57 & Talk of the Town for having us!

What's a final market without fresh cheese curds? These cheddar charmers are from McCluskey Brothers Farms

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