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A Trick, A Treat, A Homecoming, & A Halloween

Carved Turnips from JenEhr Family Farm a spooky throwback to days of yore


A Trick, A Treat, A Homecoming, & A Halloween

Best we all get ready for a full plate of revelries to be had as we head into the last weekend in October.

Starting off with a trip to market Saturday morning to load up on snacks for the Badgers' homecoming game, you'll hunt down some sausage from Underground Meats and a fresh bag of Murphy Farms cheese curds.

On next to Pleasant Springs Orchard for fresh apple cider and to Wetherby Cranberry Company to brew up this delicious cranberry mulled cider.

For our junior shoppers, the next stop is the Info Tent for a free honey stick to celebrate Halloween. Planning ahead, why not grab some honey sticks from Bonde Bee or B's Honey to give out to trick or treaters in your neighborhood.

For our FoodShare shoppers, the Info Tent is another must, as this weekend marks the end of the Double Dollars program for the 2021 season. That means it'll be the last chance to get up to $25 matched for free!

While buckets full of Halloween candy will satisfy many this weekend, another sort of chocolaty treat is waiting for you over at the Driftless Chocolate's booth. Skip the doorbell routine and treat yourself to one or more of their bonbons, truffles or peanut butter domes.

If you are planning on a little extra snacky sweet indulgence this weekend, you'll want to start off the next weekend with a good healthy dose of greens to right the ship. Grab yourself a fresh bunch of kale greens from Blue Moon Community Farm and put this delicious steamed garlic kale recipe to good use.

Now comes the trick, all revelries aside there are just three markets to go in the 2021 season.

We hope you'll join us through our last day on November 13th.

See you at market!

Ben Zimmerman

Market Manager

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Vendor Notices:

Atoms to Apples & Lor Farm have both finished vending for the season.

We look forward to seeing them again in 2022!


Savory Seasonal Danish from Madison Sourdough


October 30th Vendor List:

Alsum Sweet Corn

B's Honey

Black Earth Valley

Blue Moon Community Farm

Bonde Bee

Bryant Family Farms

Chris & Lori's Bakehouse

Country Bloomer's Greenhouse

County Line Plants-n-Produce

Don's Produce


Driftless Chocolates

Emerald Meadows Family Farm

Farmer Johns Cheese

Fungi Farmers

Happy Valley Farm

Highland Spring Farm

Honey Bee Bakery

JenEhr Family Farm

Ka Vang Thao

Landmark Creamery

Madison Sourdough

McCluskey Brothers Shillelagh Glen Farms

Murphy Farms

Natalie's Garden and Greenhouse

Open Kettle Farms

ParKelm Farm

Sai's Garden

Savory Accents

Shoua Lee Vang

Stella's Bakery

Steppin Out Foods

Ten Eyck Orchard

Tortillas Los Angeles

Underground Meats

Urban Gourmet

Wetherby Cranberry Company

What Got Gathered

Yang Family Produce

*Please note this is a tentative list. Last minute cancellations or additions to the vendor list are possible.



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