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Burn Nice and Slow

Lovely Pollenless Sunflowers from Natalie's Garden & Greenhouse


Burn Nice and Slow

Summer's sweltering heat has reared its head again this week, pushing us close to 90° and having many of us eager for the cooler fall days to come.

While we at the market know the gifts of the fall season well, we've got our fingers crossed for a slow burn to the remainder of the summer.

Hot days may wear, but who cares when you can relax with a slice of fresh watermelon from Emerald Meadows Family Farm or bite into a crisp Early Gold apple from Ten Eyck Orchard (pictured).

The overflowing tables of our produce vendors stands show the upside of those hot summer days. At the Happy Valley Produce stand baskets of green & purple bell peppers overflow next to scrumptious looking fennel bulbs (pictured).

It's not just fresh produce that lives in boom times come late summer. The field harvest makes its way into the latest tasty ferment from What Got Gathered or a seasonal scone from Chris & Lori's Bakehouse.

As we move closer to the fall session of market, we won't be able to hold off the tide of cooler days and falling leaves forever, but for now we'll soak up that sunshine, eat up the bounty of the summer and revel in what soon will be gone.

Before we send you off to market for the week, we'd like to remind you all that the market offers free masks at the Information Tent. As the number of Delta variant COVID cases increase, we are happy to continue to provide masks to customers who would like one as they shop.

See you at market!

Ben Zimmerman

Market Manager

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Vendor Notices:

Due to a death in the family Honey Bee Bakery will be absent from the market for the next two weekends. They will return August 28th.

Forgotten Valley Cheese will be absent from the market August 21st through September 4th. They will return Saturday, September 11th.


Farm Fresh Eggs from Murphy Farms


August 21st Vendor List:

Alsum Sweet Corn

Atoms to Apples

Black Earth Valley

Blue Moon Community Farm

Bonde Bee

Bryant Family Farms

Campo di Bella

Chris + Lori's Bakehouse

Country Bloomer's Greenhouse

County Line Plants-n-Produce

Don's Produce


Emerald Meadows Family Farm

Farmer Johns Cheese

Flyte Family Farm & Greenhouses

Fungi Farmers

Happy Valley Farm

Highland Spring Farm

JenEhr Family Farm

Ka Vang Thao

Landmark Creamery

Lor Farm

Madison Sourdough

Mad Maiden Shrub

McCluskey Brothers Shillelagh Glen Farms

Murphy Farms

Natalie's Garden and Greenhouse

Open Kettle Farms

ParKelm Farm

Sai's Garden

Savory Accents

Shoua Lee Vang

Stella's Bakery

Steppin' Out Foods

Ten Eyck Orchard

Tortillas Los Angeles

Underground Meats

Urban Gourmet

What Got Gathered

Yang Family Produce

Absent this weekend:

Forgotten Valley Cheese

Honey Bee Bakery

*Please note this is a tentative list. Last minute cancellations or additions to the vendor list are possible.



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