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Golden Hue

Spice blends from The Deliciouser


Golden Hue

Frosted grass mornings and the first fall of snow have marked the turn of the season these last two weeks. The leaves, falling fast now, are harkening the oncoming winter season.

Yet the autumn still has plenty to offer us as the season wanes. The bountiful harvest of this past year awaits the market goer with crisp and beautiful orange and purple carrots from Shoua Vang (pictured).

The kiss of frost gives an extra sweetness to Brussels sprouts, cabbage, kale and other brassicas, making this the best time of year to enjoy a plateful of hearty veggies.

Those cold nights can be offset with handled bowls of fresh French onion soup, topped with melting cheese and made with Sweet Candy onions from Natalie's Garden & Greenhouse (pictured).

Falling leaves and gardens to put to rest gives us plenty of activity to warm up with as well, though it's best to reward yourself with a cup of Pleasant Springs Orchard apple cider when you finish, or for those with an extra sweet tooth, a caramel apple from County Line Plants & Produce (pictured).

Moving on to the weekend, it looks like we're being treated to some nicer temps and a chance to enjoy the market without the extra layers.

With just four more markets left in our 2022 season, we hope you can make it to each one and enjoy all the great things fall has left to offer.

See you at market!

Ben Zimmerman

Market Manager

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Call to Action: Support the Double Dollars Program

The Westside Community Market has been a proud participant in the Double Dollars program every season since 2014.

FoodShare shoppers at the market are able to recieve a dollar for dollar match up to $25 each market, helping bring home more of that great Wisconsin goodness, while supporting our farmers and producers. This program has been a no-brainer since it started and we want to help it grow and assist more families in the future.

Program funding is under consideration currently in Dane County and we'd love for you to voice your support to your Dane County Supervisor. Please follow the directions in the link to voice your support today:


Market Notices: October 22nd

October 29th will be the last day at the WCM to get matched Double Dollars for the season. FoodShare shoppers will still be able to get unmatched FoodShare Dollars after this time and both can be spent through the remainder of the season.

Swing by the Info Tent and pick up a free Westside Community Market yard sign, or grab one set out in the aisle.

McCluskey Brothers' Shillelagh Glen Farms & Ernie's African Kick Sauce will join us this weekend as daily vendors.

ParKelm Farm will be absent from the market this Saturday, October 22nd. They will return the following week.

Ka Vang Thao, Alsum Sweet Corn, Door County Fruit Market & Don's Produce have finished vending for the 2022 season. They thank everyone for a great year and will be back with us again in 2023.

Flyte Family Farm has finished vending for the 2022 season. They wish to thank all their customers this year and look forward to seeing you all again in 2023. If you're up in the Coloma area this fall, check out their many on farm offerings, including a great corn maze!


Market on the Move in 2023

We've got some big news to share regarding the 2023 market season. Many of you have already seen the news that UW Health is planning on building a new clinic in part of the market occupied lots starting next year.

With construction slated to begin next spring, we're happy to announce we'll be relocating to the MG&E Innovation Center inside University Research Park in 2023. Located about 1.5 miles south of our current location, the new market site will offer room for our vendors, along with ample parking space for our shoppers, as well as a shaded picnic area for everyone to relax and enjoy their market goods while listening to music and taking in those great market mornings.

We'll have more details to come later in the summer, but rest assured that the WCM will remain a great fixture of the west side community for years to come. For the remainder of 2022, you can find us each and every week at 750 University Row into early November.


Belle de Boskoop apples from Atoms to Apples


Our many thanks to Snaggle Tooth Arts of Wayward Tattoo for the market rabbit graphic!

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