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Less Rain, More Mouth-Watering

Dragon Tongue Beans from Urban Gourmet


Less Rain, More Mouth-Watering

A downpour replaced the starting bell this past Saturday. Thankfully it yielded a great market before long and we rang out the day with sunshine.

One benefit of the rain is the glow it seems to give the tables filled with produce. Better than any grocery store, bunches of arugula and malabar spinach, a misty vibrant green.

Bags of white, yellow and red onions from JenEhr Family Farm draw the eye, as do Sunrise pears from Atoms to Apples (pictured).

Along the line you're pulled in by another flash of color as purple tomatillos emerge from their husks at Shoua Lee Vang's booth (pictured). These little delights roast up so sweet, perfect for a fresh salsa verde.

Tomatoes are now more than abundant throughout the market. Pints of cherries, a variety of slicing heirlooms, and flats of paste tomatoes all can be found.

Whether tomato season screams fresh salads or savory sauces, Landmark Creamery has you covered with their grated Pecorino that tops either beautifully.

Elsewhere in the market fresh okra (pictured) from Ka Vang Thao is a delight to see, as are their boxes of Thai chilies ready to warm your next dish.

Over at Urban Gourmet, the colorful dragon tongue beans draw the eyes, but it's the pints of ground cherries that promise a sweet treat in their husky shells.

Speaking of sweet finds, the Sangria watermelons from Natalie's Garden & Greenhouse screamed out sugary deliciousness from their mid-size oblong rinds. So too did the donut peaches from Door County Fruit Markets, another delight.

Take it all in yourself and join us for the 20th market of the season this Saturday, August 28th. We'll be welcoming back Honey Bee Bakery and Phil Friedl, "the Cactus Guy". We're also looking forward to the last 2021 market performance from the Starr Grass Band. Always a delight to hear them play as you shop and soak in the tail end of August.

See you at market!

Ben Zimmerman

Market Manager

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Vendor Notices:

After a few weeks absence, we're excited to welcome back Honey Bee Bakery this weekend!

Phil Friedl, the "Cactus Guy" will be at market this weekend with a great selection of cacti and other succulents for the home.

Forgotten Valley Cheese will be absent from the market August 21st through September 4th. They will return Saturday, September 11th.


- McCluskey Brothers Shillelagh Glen Farms' Cheese - Delicious Rain or Shine


August 28th Vendor List:

Alsum Sweet Corn

Atoms to Apples

Black Earth Valley

Blue Moon Community Farm

Bonde Bee

Bryant Family Farms

Campo di Bella

Chris + Lori's Bakehouse

Country Bloomer's Greenhouse

County Line Plants-n-Produce

Don's Produce


Emerald Meadows Family Farm

Farmer Johns Cheese

Flyte Family Farm & Greenhouses

Fungi Farmers

Happy Valley Farm

Highland Spring Farm

Honey Bee Bakery

JenEhr Family Farm

Ka Vang Thao

Landmark Creamery

Lor Farm

Madison Sourdough

McCluskey Brothers Shillelagh Glen Farms

Murphy Farms

Natalie's Garden and Greenhouse

Open Kettle Farms

ParKelm Farm

Phil Friedl (The Cactus Guy)

Sai's Garden

Savory Accents

Shoua Lee Vang

Stella's Bakery

Steppin' Out Foods

Ten Eyck Orchard

Tortillas Los Angeles

Underground Meats

Urban Gourmet

What Got Gathered

Yang Family Produce

Absent this weekend:

Forgotten Valley Cheese

*Please note this is a tentative list. Last minute cancellations or additions to the vendor list are possible.



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