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On The Ballot

Farm fresh eggs from Dreamfarm


On The Ballot

It's been winnowed down to remaining, not candidates to vote for.

We'll elect to be for both final weeks of the market season to enjoy, especially with the warmer temps forecasted for this weekend. 

The tail end of the season is a great time of year to load up freezer and larder alike with winter squash, locally raised meats and frozen Sweet Corn Chowder from Alsum Sweet Corn (pictured). 

In the tumultuous time of election season, we prize the moments of unity at market. From savoring a Stella's Bakery empanada to sharing a bag of squeaky curds from Farmer Johns' Cheese, our love and embrace of great local food is at least one thing we can all agree on.

While many a mind is occupied with the November 3rd election, we don't want to miss out on celebrating the Halloween market this coming Saturday.  Our normal pumpkin carving and gourd decorating event for kids is postponed this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but we'll still be giving out free honey sticks from Bonde Bee & B's Honey up at the Information Tent this weekend. (Due to COVID-19 precautions, please wash honey sticks at home before consuming.)

Whether you come out to market in costume or not for this Halloween weekend, don't miss out on those tasty fresh or dried cranberries from Wetherby Cranberry Company

We hope to see you all at market this Saturday, and doubly hope that you've all either cast your ballots or have a plan for November 3rd. Early voting in Madison is open now and those of you voting safely on November 3rd can find polling location information here on the City Clerk webpage. 

See you at market!

Ben Zimmerman

Market Manager

P.S. Check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more updates on the market throughout the season!


Science is Fun Online!

While we've been missing our friends from the Science is Fun crew at market this season, the science fun hasn't stopped! Swing over to their YouTube page to check out some amazing at-home science experiments to enjoy:


Our Many Thanks to Willy Street Grocery Co-op!

We want to give a huge shout out to the Willy Street Grocery Co-op for funding our new EBT card reader this season! The market works hard to offer FoodShare acceptance for our shoppers and the 2020 season found us needing to purchase a new card reader during these already trying COVID-19 times. Thankfully Willy Street Grocery Co-op stepped up and offered to fund the new reader and setup so that we could continue to offer FoodShare acceptance this season. Our hats off to them and their amazing generosity. 


Last Weekend for Double Dollars!

This is the last weekend FoodShare shoppers can get up to $25 matched.  Swing by the Information Tent with your FoodShare card and our market staff can assist you. After the Double Dollars program ends, the market will still accept FoodShare Dollars. 


Shopping Safely This Season

Before you make your first trip to market, we'd like you to know what will be different for this season and we ask for your help in keeping things safe. 

We have an adjusted layout for this season, with single sided vendor aisles spread out with a gap between each vendor. Much like the grocery store, we're asking that foot traffic move in one direction through each market aisle, indicated by our yellow sandwich board signs. We ask you to please follow these directions and be patient as we all adapt to this different flow. 

As you shop the stalls, please mind the six foot spacing lines in front of vendors' tents. Give each other space to shop and don't crowd into vendor booths. While reusable shopping totes are not banned, if you're using your own bags, please do not ask vendors to pack them for you.

Planning your market trip may be the easiest way to get what you need, while keeping the market safe. Many of our vendors will be offering pre-orders that you may place during the week for a quick pick up at their stall on Saturday morning. Below we'll detail what options for pre-order are available this weekend and we'll update that weekly as more vendors add that option. 

For what you can't pre-order, consider making a shopping list by vendor before you get to the market. Having a plan of action will speed things up and help you get what you need as quickly as possible. We know that these methods won't work for everyone, but those of you who can adapt will be helping everyone with your efficiency. 

We're also asking everyone to send just one person per household to the market, which will aid us in lowering the crowd count each week. You can also help out by altering your shopping time, consider coming early in the morning (we open at 7am) or later (open until 12:30pm) to lower the crowd pressure during the peak hours. These little adjustments can really help make things operate smoothly and ensure we don't become too crowded. 

We ask you all to wear a mask too. Even a bandana is better than nothing and can help lower the risk of transmission. Wash your hands before you come to market, wash them when you get home and with our four handwashing stations set up around the market, you can wash them while you visit too. 


Vendor Updates & Pre-Order Options

Our amazing vendors are providing options for your shopping these season. Find all the latest pre-order options and weekly market offering here. Check back each week for notices about pre-ordering, vendor absences and other special vendor notices. 

Chris & Lori's Bakehouse will be offering the following for this weekend:

* Flower and Cow Cutout Cookies

* Fall Leaf Cookies

* Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins

* Chocolate Chip Sconuts

* Espresso Dark Chocolate Scones

* Coconut Dark Chocolate Scones

* White Chocolate Raspberry Scones 

* Vanilla Almond Scones

* Cinnamon Oat Scones

*  Blueberry Scones

* Cranberry Oat Scones

* Banana Chocolate Scones

* Whole Grain Dark Chocolate Chunk Scones

* Whole Grain Raspberry Scones

* Whole Grain Blueberry Oat Scones

* Whole Grain Cranberry Orange Scones

* Whole Grain Carrot Raisin Scones

* GF Vegan Mocha Scones

* GF Vegan Raspberry Scones

* GF Vegan Banana Blueberry Scones

* Keto Peanut Butter Cookies

* Keto Almond Shortbread Cookies

All scones are $18/ Half Doz one flavor Or $30/ Doz one flavor

Email your order at

Orders due by noon on Thursday.

Door County Fruit Markets will not be joining the market for the 2020 season, but you can find their fresh Door County fruit at the Willy Street Co-op Grocery Stores.

Dreamfarm is offering pre-orders for market pick-up by calling(608) 767-3442 or emailing

Driftless Chocolates is offering pre-orders for market pick-up on their website.

Flyte Family Farm has finished vending for the 2020 season. Their many thanks to their shoppers for their support during the 2020 season!

Fungi Farmers (formerly know as Herb n Oyster) are offering pre-orders through their website.

Highland Spring Farm is offering pre-orders for market pick-up on their website.

Honey Bee Bakery will be offering pre-orders for market pick-up on their website.

McCluskey Brothers Shillelagh Glen Farms is offering pre-ordering on their website.

Natalie's Garden & Greenhouse will be offering a weekly veggie box, available at the market, off the farm or for delivery. Each $25 box is packed with their great fresh produce. Check out their website for more information and to place your order.

Open Kettle Farms is offering pre-orders of their maple syrup. Contact them on their Facebook page to order.

ParKelm Farm is offering pre-orders for market pick-up on their website.

Wetherby Cranberry Company will be joining the market with fresh and dried cranberries from Oct. 10th - Nov. 7th.


Homemade Apple Butter & Chunky Applesauce from Green's Pleasant Springs Orchard


Stay Local After the Season Ends

This list of post-market season means to get our vendors' products will grow as new offerings roll in. Please check back regularly and feel free to email Market Manager Ben if you're looking to connect with any vendor not listed.

Dane County Farmers' Market:

The DCFM will continue to host their Wednesday and Saturday Pick-Ups and Saturday Walk-Up markets into mid-late November.

Information from their website:

"- The Wednesday Local Food Pick Up: This low contact pre-order/drive-thru model runs from 3-6pm on Wednesdays and will continue through November 18, 2020.

- The Saturday Local Food Pick Up: This low contact pre-order/drive-thru model runs from 7-9am on Saturdays and will continue through November 21, 2020.

- The Saturday Walk-Up Farmers’ Market: Continuing through November 21, 2020, from 9:30am to 12:30pm, patrons can spontaneously shop from vendors at their stands. There is a strict Safe Shopper Code of Conduct and safety measures will be enforced."

Participating WCM Vendors include:

- Alsum Sweet Corn

- Chris & Lori's Bakehouse

- Don's Produce

- JenEhr Family Farm

- Murphy Farms

- Savory Accents

- Stella's Bakery

- Ten Eyck Orchard

Madison Farmers Unite:

Madison Farmers Unite is a weekly Saturday pickup offering featuring local farmers' market vendors. Customers can order an array of fresh products by each Thursday for the Saturday pickup. Current participating Westside Community Market vendors include: Don's Produce, Fungi Farmers, Honey Bee Bakery, and Savory Accents

Highland Spring Farm Pickup:

Highland Spring Farm, located just south of Madison, will offer on-farm Saturday pickup through Dec. 19th. Check their webstore for product offerings and ordering information. 

ParKelm Farm Delivery:

ParKelm Farm will be offering delivery throughout the winter with a $30 minimum order. Visit their webstore for more information. 



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