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Welcome to Session III

For the win! Zucchini Car Races 2022


Welcome to Session III

September is here, perhaps faster than we hoped, but just as the school bells ring out again this week for the first time, there's no denying that fall is on our door step.

Down at market we sent August off with a bang, as the return of the Zucchini Car Races delighted so many young market goers last weekend. Our many thanks to our zucchini donors: Blue Moon Community Farm, Happy Valley Farm and County Line Plants & Produce.

The market aisle was as much a buzz as the racetrack, as shoppers loaded up on the best offerings of peak summer produce season.

Piles of green beans, newly dug potatoes and bunches of aromatic herbs were just a few of the good finds. JenEhr Family Farm delights with table loads of fresh leeks, celery, beets, broccoli, kale and more (pictured).

The start of September will see many of the summer favorites still in force, as fall offerings start making their way in.

Fall flowers are arriving, with beautiful bouquets of sunflowers, lisianthus and dahlias to be found from vendors like Ka Vang Thao (pictured), with mums soon to follow later this month.

The bulk of winter squash and pumpkins are still several weeks off, but Chris & Lori's Bakehouse is ready to satisfy that fix with the return of their fan-favorites, pumpkin muffins and scones.

Before we dive too far into the fall festivities, we're happy to have one last long summer weekend to enjoy with Labor Day coming on Monday.

The market is your go-to stop for all your cookout needs, from local meats for the grill, plenty of fresh sweet corn to boil up and loads of fresh melons to share for dessert.

Twenty weeks of the market down, ten to go, as we watch the change in color and flavors of fall come our way.

See you at market!

Ben Zimmerman

Market Manager

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Polls Open for America's Farmers' Market Celebration

American Farmland Trust and the Farmers' Market Coalition are offering a share of a $10,000 prize to the winners of their favorite farmers' market poll. Market fans can vote for the Westside Community Market through September 19th.

Cast your vote here:

We thank you all for your neverending support!


Market Notices: September 3rd

Swing by the Info Tent and pick up a free Westside Community Market yard sign, or grab one set out in the aisle.

Garden Gate Flowers, George Hoffman (aronia berries), Rude Brew Kombucha, & Ernie's African Kick Sauce will join us this weekend as daily vendors.

Summer season is “kitten season” for the rescue groups that help the cats and kittens that are unwanted or in trouble. 9 Lives Rescue, a Madison-based rescue founded in 2016, will be at the Market this week ready to tell you how you can help - whether it’s adopting a rescued cat or kitten, making a donation, or volunteering with 9 Lives. They will also try to answer any cat- and kitten-related questions you might have!


Market on the Move in 2023

We've got some big news to share regarding the 2023 market season. Many of you have already seen the news that UW Health is planning on building a new clinic in part of the market occupied lots starting next year.

With construction slated to begin next spring, we're happy to announce we'll be relocating to the MG&E Innovation Center inside University Research Park in 2023. Located about 1.5 miles south of our current location, the new market site will offer room for our vendors, along with ample parking space for our shoppers, as well as a shaded picnic area for everyone to relax and enjoy their market goods while listening to music and taking in those great market mornings.

We'll have more details to come later in the summer, but rest assured that the WCM will remain a great fixture of the west side community for years to come. For the remainder of 2022, you can find us each and every week at 750 University Row into early November.


Plenty of great offerings from Highland Spring Farm, like new pepper salami!


Our many thanks to Snaggle Tooth Arts of Wayward Tattoo for the market rabbit graphic!


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