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Bit by Bite

Lovely daffodil bouquets from Lor Farm


Bit by Bite

After what felt like the longest April in years, May has come in with a bang this last week and our Mother's Day market weekend was no exception.

It was a weekend full of returns, both in vendors back at market and spring favorites filling up the tables.

Sai's Produce came back in style with the first rhubarb of the season, fresh spinach and stored sweet potatoes (pictured).

The first May market was abloom with flowers, as we saw daffodil and tulip bouquets coming from Lor Farm, while hanging baskets aplenty were to be seen from Garden Gate Flowers, Natalie's Garden & Greenhouse and Kopke's Greenhouse.

West Star Organics (pictured) had eager gardeners swarming their stalls as they selected from a wide array of organic vegetable and herb starts.

The selection of garden herbs for planting kept on growing as we swung by the newly returned County Line Plants & Produce, with farmer Cathy offering a broad selection of aromatics to add to your home cooking.

Another market stop this week that screamed welcome back, was Honey Bee Bakery. Many happy returns to them and many a delicious item filling our market baskets going forward, like their simply fabulous mini-quiche (pictured).

While this week's heat may have us thinking ahead to mid-summer, spring still has some catching up to do. Thankfully we've heard some rumors that some of our spring favorites such as asparagus and morels are headed our way soon. Their first appearances at market are always brief and a reward to those who get out early. Like, really early.

See you at market!

Ben Zimmerman

Market Manager

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Farm & Market Job Openings

Whether you're looking for something part-time or more involved, working for one of the market vendors is always a rewarding experience. Delicious produce as a job perk? Yes please!

Blue Moon Community Farm, outside of Stoughton, is hiring for both field crew staff, working at the farm and market staff who will person their booth at the WCM. Check out their website here for more info, including how to apply.

County Line Plants & Produce, north of Deforest, is hiring for a field position this season. Contact farmer Cathy via email at

Emerald Meadows Family Farm, outside of Columbus, is hiring for their field crew this season, which includes working some market Saturdays at the WCM. Check out their website here for more info, including how to apply.


Our hats off to ParKelm Farm for offering 10% off to teachers & nurses last weekend


Our many thanks to Snaggle Tooth Arts of Wayward Tattoo for the market rabbit graphic!


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