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An Earful

Fresh eggplant from Crossroads Community Farm An Earful It was a real fun day down at market this last weekend. Great food, the beautiful sights of flowers and fresh produce, friendly faces and lots of music to enjoy. A big thank you to our two music acts of this past weekend, Moldy Jam & Front Porch String Band. It's hard to beat a nice morning with farm fresh produce and live music amongst your friends and neighbors. The big hit of the day belonged to the arrival of the first sweet corn of the season (pictured) from Alsum's Sweet Corn, Flyte Family Farm & Crossroads Community Farm. Check out this week's Recipe Corner for some great corn recipes. We hope you give them a try, you

A Little Dose of Beauty

Flowers ready to be transformed into bouquets at Shoua Vang's booth A Little Dose of Beauty In the heat of the market season, it's easy to overlook the simple beauty of the mid-summer. It's not from carelessness or a willing disregard, but rather a simple case of being overwhelmed by it all. New produce pops in every week, as hard to keep up with as the mowing and gardening around our homes. Our plans for vacation overlap with our plans to get things done around the house, which overlap with all the fun things going on in Madison every summer. We want to specially recognize Kristen at Blue Moon Community Farm for a simple and wonderful little offering (pictured) for kids at market las

Double Baskets Galore

Big slicing tomatoes from Black Earth Valley Double Baskets Galore July is such a great month in the long arc of the market season with the onslaught of summer produce that comes in. Keeping up with what's available starts to be a challenge, in a good way! You want to try a bit of everything, especially when it's all looking so good. The stack of JenEhr Family Farm broccoli (pictured) has to be tried, but don't forget to save room for those big zucchini from Don's Produce and the early leeks from Ka Vang Thao. Let's face it, July is screaming for a second market basket. Fresh produce certainly is to be fully enjoyed in the peak of market season, but with so many other great things to find

Triple Cherry Jackpot

Tasty chocolate scones from Chris & Lori's Bakehouse Triple Cherry Jackpot All this summer heat takes a toll on the weary, but it does come with its rewards as well. The market might be the best place to see the benefits of that balmy weather as tables of fresh ripe produce can show. It's seen in the first blueberries of the season, spotted at market last week down from Flyte Family Farm. It's the great news that sweet cherries (pictured) are coming in this weekend from our friends at Door County Fruit Market. It's seen with the unique and flavorful white & black mulberries from Urban Gourmet. Everywhere you look at market this time of year, we can see the rewards of the heat of summer. Of

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