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Growing Excitement

Red Radishes & Salad Turnips from Blue Moon Community Farm


Growing Excitement

It's the buzz of potential, slowly growing louder as the market season moves forward. A humming that builds with questions like "I heard there's rhubarb today?" or "Too early for asparagus?"

The fever of the gardener begins to rise with the sight of seedlings from Domann's Plants or hanging floral baskets from Garden Gate Flowers (pictured). Moving into May, we'll see more flower and vegetable starts as more vendors return.

The spring markets fill us with plans for the coming months, like growing our own mushrooms with inoculated plugs from the Fungi Farmers.

The kitchen is renewed once more with market inspired dishes like spring garlic bruschetta atop Madison Sourdough baguette or spinach omelettes with fresh Bryant Family Farm eggs.

The clamor comes too from seeing our favorites once more, like the spicy hummus from Savory Accents (pictured) or the pickled asparagus from Steppin Out Foods.

Let the hum continue to grow as we step into May. The return of more produce vendors means we can expect our inspiring options only to grow from here.

See you at market!

Ben Zimmerman

Market Manager

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Fresh spinach from Sai's Garden


Preorder Seedlings from Blue Moon Community Farm

Blue Moon Community Farm is once again offering a preorder for their vegetable, flower & herb seedlings. Customers can pick up their orders at market or take a trip down to their farm outside of Stoughton for the scheduled pickup day.

Check out the seedling store & place your order here:



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