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One Last Hurrah

Last call for fresh curds! Murphy Farms will be out to load you up with their variety of fresh curd options.


One Last Hurrah

Hold tight, the end is almost here...

Just one market remains before we call it a season. A final Saturday to load up and say your farewells as you take one last stroll through the market aisles.

Starting with apples, stock up on tasty Honeycrisps from Ten Eyck Orchard, grab a bag of sauce apples from Pleasant Springs Orchard and then at least a gallon of fresh apple cider from Atoms to Apples (pictured) for the freezer, maybe two.

Speaking of freezer space, Highland Spring Farm, ParKelm Farm & Bryant Family Farms will be on hand to load you up with beef, pork and poultry, not to mention farm-fresh eggs.

A visit to Open Kettle Farms & Bonde Bee are warranted to load up on maple syrup and honey, respectively. For more honey options, swing over to B's Honey for both varietal honeys and special this week, ornamental wreaths perfect for the holiday season.

Fresh cranberries are another holiday season necessity, thankfully Wetherby Cranberry Co. will be out to load you up on both fresh and dried berries.

Next stop by Ernie's Homemade Hot Sauce & What Got Gathered (pictured) to add some flavor and spice to the stockpile, with a great selection of sauces, vinegars and ferments to choose from.

It wouldn't be a final market in Wisconsin without some cheese. Murphy Farms will be out to satisfy your squeaky fresh cheese curd demands, along with yummy cottage cheese and beefsticks. Landmark Creamery will also be on hand to send you off in style with their great array of artisan sheep & cow's milk cheeses.

Onto bread and pastries, another comfort food necessity of a market send-off. Honey Bee Bakery will be out with their scrumptious cookies, tarts, pastries and more (pictured). Stella's Bakery will also be joining us and can give you one last Spicy Cheese Bread fix. Also, don't miss your last chance to grab some fresh made tortillas and more from Tortillas Los Angeles.

Of course, we don't want to overlook all that farm-fresh produce that's brought you back week after week this season.

We've got a great crew of growers signed on for the final week. Certified organic producers, Happy Valley Farm & Emerald Meadows Family Farm will be out, flush with fresh potatoes, beets, squash and more. Sai's Garden & Shoua Lee Vang will be on hand to load you up on fresh cabbage, celery and Brussels sprouts, while Perez Produce can hook you up with sweet and hot peppers and more.

Finally, this is the last call for cookbook lovers to grab a copy of the brand new "Dane County Farmers’ Market Cookbook: Local Foods, Global Flavors" by Terese Allen. Whether you're looking for inspiration as you pass the winter till next season, or you know someone who'd love it as a gift this holiday season, this book is ideal for dreaming of market season while you make something delicious.

Dress warm, bring extra tote bags and ready your "goodbye", "til next season" and "have a good winter." We won't be gone too long, but for now we've got one last chance to savor a beautiful market morning.

See you at the final market!

Ben Zimmerman

Market Manager

As a reminder to everyone, dogs are prohibited within the market area, though we welcome service animals at all times.

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Dane County Farmers' Market Cookbooks Now for Sale!

We are very happy to announce the brand new "The Dane County Farmers’ Market Cookbook: Local Foods, Global Flavors" by amazing food writer Terese Allen will now be available for purchase at the Info Tent.

The book is bursting with great stories and recipes built around the unique and vibrant farmers market scene Madison has to offer. Find new and delicious ways to utilize your market finds, while supporting the market.

Copies will be available this Saturday at the Info Tent. The books sells for $35 and can be purchased with cash, check or Venmo.

You may also preorder a copy by emailing us at:


Last Market Vendor List:

Atom’s to Apples

B’s Honey

Bonde Bee

Bryant Family Farm

Emerald Meadows Family Farm

Ernie’s Homemade Hot Sauce

Happy Valley Farm

Highland Spring Farm

Honey Bee Bakery

Landmark Creamery

Murphy Farms

Open Kettle Farms

ParKelm Farm

Perez Produce

Pleasant Springs Orchard

Sai’s Garden

Stella’s Bakery

Ten Eyck Orchard

Tortillas Los Angeles

Shoua Lee Vang

Wetherby Cranberry Co.

What Got Gathered


Blue Moon Community Farm Stand Wednesday, November 15

Blue Moon Community Farm will NOT be at the Pop-up market this Saturday, but you can still stock up for the holidays and winter season by stopping by their own pop-up Farm Stand next Wednesday 3-6pm at the farm (3856 Schneider Drive, Stoughton). We are about 20 minutes drive from the Westside Community Market grounds. We'll have a great variety of organic fall veggies and salad greens from our own fields, as well as potatoes, apples, eggs and honey from fellow farm friends. Come on down!


Contact the farm for details


Fresh celery from Shoua Lee Vang


Produce List - November 4th


Beans (Green, Wax, Dragon Tongue)

Beets (Chioggia, Golden, Red)

Bok Choi



Brussels Sprouts

Cabbage (Green, Napa, Purple)

Carrots (Orange, Purple)

Cauliflower (White)




Eggplant (Globe, Japanese)


Garlic (Multiple Varieties)



Kale (Curly, Purple, Toscano)

Kohlrabi (Green)


Mushrooms (Cultivated: Oyster, Lion’s Mane, Shiitake, Chestnut)

Mustard Greens

Onions (Sweet Yellow, Red, Green, White)

Pac Choi

Peppers (Bells-Multiple Colors, Sweet Italian, Poblano, Jalapeno, Thai, Habanero)

Potatoes (Blue, Red, Purple, Yellow, Fingerling, German, Russet)

Pumpkins (Jarrahdale, Mini, Orange, Pie, White, Cinderella)

Radish (Daikon, Red, Watermelon)



Sweet Potatoes (Orange, Purple)


Tomatoes (Heirlooms, Slicers, Cherry)

Winter Squash (Acorn, Buttercup, Butternut, Carnival, Delicata, Honeynut, Hubbard, Kabocha, Mooregold)


Apples (Ambrosia, Braeburn, Cameo, Cortland, Crimson Crisp, Empire, EverCrisp, Gala, Galarina, Gold Rush, Granny Smith, Harrelson, Honeycrisp, Ida Red, Jonamac, Keepsake, Liberty, MacIntosh, Macoun, Prairie Spy, Regent, Roxbury Russet, Ruby Jon, Snowsweet, SunCrisp & more!)


Ground Cherries

Pears (Asian)









North, south, east or west; it's a breeze to get to our new market location

with easy access off of both Whitney Way and Mineral Point Road.


Our many thanks to Snaggle Tooth Arts of Wayward Tattoo for the market rabbit graphic!


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